Village Sign Sports in Comberton

Evening Badminton Club Meets Mondays and Fridays at CVC
Lunchtime Badminton Club Meets every Wednesday at CVC
Bowls Club

The Bowls Club Green is situated on the Recreation Ground.

There is a Carpet Bowls Club which meets on some Monday nights in the Village Hall

Comberton Village Cricket Club Has a midweek and a Saturday side
which competes in the local league
Football pitch
Comberton United Football Club Meets every Tuesday in Season
Comberton Crusaders Football Club For younger players (girls and boys)
Comberton Leisure

Comberton Leisure

on-line Sports Magazine of CVC
Cambridge Meridian Golf Club  
Judo Club
Comberton Judo Club  
Netball Club
Meets Thursdays at CVC
Ramblers Club Meets every other Sunday
Rec Ground
Comberton Recreation Ground open 08:30am until 1/2 hour after street lighting up time
for parking and activities. Pedestrian access at other times..

No motorcycles, mopeds or vehicles allowed beyond the car park without written authorisation.
Shuttle Club
Comberton Shuttles Club  
Squash Club
Comberton Squash Club  
Swimming Pool Sign
Comberton Community Swimming Club  2016 season started....
Tae Kwon Do
Comberton Tae Kwon Do  
Tae Kwon Do
Comberton Tang Soo Do Meets every Wednesday at Meridian School
Tennis Club

Comberton Lawn Tennis Club (at CVC)


There are also 2 public access courts on the Recreation Ground
Hereward Heat
Wheelchair Basketball Meets every Tuesday at CVC
Walks around Comberton Jubilee Walk 3mB PDF

other sports around Comberton
(awaiting any details)

Hockey (Mixed)


last updated 30th April 2016ss

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