Le Vaudreuil LogoLe Vaudreuil (Comberton's Twin Village)

Le Vaudreuil lies some 12 miles south of Rouen in Normandy, France, and thus about 150 miles south of Calais and 80 miles north-west of Paris. It has a population of 3,400.

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Golf Club

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Sports Hall

Around 4,000 years BC the first inhabitants settled on the banks and islands of the river Eure to live off the land and protect themselves against potential enemies.

The river Eure, as well as the Seine, became a navigable channel once towpaths were created. Le Vaudreuil is in a strategic location between Rouen and Paris where the two rivers join. During the journey are varied landscapes including forests, plains, chalk cliffs and river locks. The village has always benefited from being at the centre of trading routes.

The current village of Le Vaudreuil is more than 2000 years old and many famous names of British and French history came to 'stay'. By turns it has been Gallic, Roman, Frankish, Norman, English, and finally French.

Nowadays Le Vaudreuil mixes industrial sites, which still make use of the proximity to the river, with a lively community, proud of its history but building for the future.

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