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Local Plan being revised once more

It was been announced at the end of July that the joint Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan, which has been over three years in preparation, is going to be resubmitted next February, as SCDC and CC officers spend months to address concerns raised by Government planning inspectors. It was originally due for adoption this spring.

Inspectors Laura Graham and Alan Wood demanded more information on two fundamental aspects of the proposed plan – how many new homes are needed, and where they should be built. See

Residentss should be concerned that this delay in the Plan being approved has led to a significant numer of 'speculative developments' . The above criticism from the two planning inspectors means delays in the local plan process, andso developments that come forward in the meantime have a better chance of getting planning permission.

Comberton Parish Council have already been asked by one developer (Pegasus Group) to look at their designs on behalf of Bennell Farm, for 90-100 dwellings on the Bennell Farm site (Discussed at July 8th 2015 PC meeting).

To see their illustrative plan for 2 - 4 storey dwellings click here

Local Plan proposed changes announced June 2013 and revised September 2013

SCDC revised their Long Term Development Framework (LDF) for 2016 onwards. This originally raised a number of potential sites proposed for development which are within our Village boundary.

In May 2013 SCDC has announced, in conjunction with Cambridge City Council, the sites for major new developments since they affect the transport planning process which is ahead of the development plans. The details were made available in June 2013 but here is a summary of the parts directly impacting comberton as CPC know it.

Results of consultation on the appropriate balance between edge of Cambridge or new settlements and better served villages was strongest to protect the Green Belt.

New settlements are the next most sustainable location for growth.

Options of a new town at Waterbeach and a new village at Bourn Airfield have been identified.

The results of consultation supported concentration on new settlements rather than focus on edge of Cambridge due to Green Belt impacts.

It offered some support to better served villages, although to a lesser extent than new settlements. There was concern about the impact on infrastructure, and village character.

Strategic options for new development in South Cambridgeshire focus on new settlements and previously established new settlements, with new allocations for:

These major sites will be supported by limited development at more sustainable villages in the order of 900 homes to provide flexibility and help ensure a continuous supply of housing land over the plan period, including if there is any delay in progress on any of the major sites. At the village level, development will be focused on the more sustainable villages with the best range of services and facilities, including taking account of opportunities to utilise previously developed land.

South Cambs voted on 13th March 2014 to submit their Local Plan for normal inspecting. This included the Bennell Farm Site (h12) which dramatically impacts Comberton.

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