Village Sign Comberton: Parish Plan

The whole Parish Plan is available as a series of downloadable PDF files: one for each section or chapter. ()

0. Preface (38K)
1. Executive summary (65K)
2. Introduction and background (71K)
3. Current nature and structure of the village (1.3M)
3a. Village Map (200K)
4. History of the village (864K)
5. Structure plan for the area, as envisaged by higher levels of government (610K)
6.Background to the village appraisal and details of operation (91K)
7. Outline results of the survey (in graphical form) (716K)
7. Outline results of the survey (in text form) (53K)
8. Demographic information (123K)
9. Outline design for future action and nature of the reports (64K)
10. Individual areas for plans and action programmes:
- 10.1 Physical Village Structure (1.3M)
- 10.2 Transport (691K)
- 10.3 Recreation/Sport/Community (921K)
- 10.3 Tim Wall report - Pavilion and Recreation Ground

- 10.4 Public Services (709K)
- 10.5 Environment (583K)
11. Parish Council history, status, action plans in hand, levels of budget and other resources (319K)
12. Summary of long term plans (108K)
13. Summary of short term action (100K)
14. Budgets and resource requirements (387K)
15. Overall timeline (668K)
16. Conclusion (111K)

A summary 'brochure' of the Parish Plan, as distributed to all households in Comberton, is also available:

Summary of the Parish Plan (3.8M)

Parish Plan Questionnaire (4.8M)

last update 26th March 2012

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