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Welcome to Comberton, Cambridgeshire!

Diamond Jubilee Beacon 2012

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Comberton is an historic rural village in the green belt in South Cambridgeshire, UK - some 4 mile

Doris Downs Iconic Comberton Tree

At around 12:30 pm on 23 Feb 2017 UK Storm Doris felled the iconic Whitebeam tree in the Playgroup playground. It was estimated at over a century old ! Oviously a number of Comberton children enjoyed sheltering under it during the summers...

Fortunately the morning class had departed and no playground equipment was damaged. Here we see Nick Warner's team clearing the tree away ready for the following day's children intake....

Our Comberton weather station showed that average wind speeds were around 47 mph prior to the event.

s to the south west of Cambridge with over 943 dwellings and population exceeding 2,360 (est.). An attractive blend of old and new, it is well served by local education, sports and community facilities with good transport links.


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Iron Age / Roman Settlement in Comberton
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